About Us

RoseWind People

We are 24 member families, ranging in age from those with school-age children to folks well into retirement. Our occupations, past and present, include construction, carpentry, legal, medical, scientific and teaching work, counseling, activism, choral directing, engineering, organic gardening and orchard management, and computer programming and analysis. We are parents and grandparents, chess and bridge players, kayakers and sail boaters, musicians, artists, bicyclists, and active volunteers in the greater Port Townsend community.

Summer meal: vichysoise & salad.

We include Buddhists, Quakers, Unitarians, Jews, Christians, pagans, and those of other spiritual and non-spiritual paths.

We work together at RoseWind in a variety of ways, from serving on committees that handle the business of the community, to hands-on gardening or cooking (we have really good cooks, and we are all  good at eating!).

Community Values

We value our neighbors, our friendship and sense of community, diversity,  and our consensus-based decision making.  For us, the extra time it takes to decide things is outweighed by the satisfaction of finding durable win-win solutions.

We place a high priority on community participation and strongly encourage cooperation, connection, mutual appreciation and assistance, and pitching in together to build and better the community as a whole.

We expect that all members will participate in activities that keep the community functioning to the mutual benefit of all.  As a community we try to live more sustainably by sharing, raising organic fruits and vegetables, and by making informed environmental choices.

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An intentional neighborhood in Port Townsend, WA